News Flexible, classic or zingssicher: Top offers in the building society test

News Flexible, classic or zingssicher: Top offers in the building society test News always well informed

Monday, 18.12.17 , written by Annabell Meyer With the construction or purchase of a house many people fulfill the desire for a life in their own four walls. By the way, the home often serves as a precaution for the old age. In order to afford this, home builders usually need financial support. Focus-Money has been looking for the best Bauspar contracts in a current building society. >  Saving money for the home with a Bauspar contract

  • With a Bauspar contract home builders can fulfill the dream of owning a home.
  • But not every kind of Bauspar contract is ideal for every saver, as a new building society test shows.
  • The individually suitable financing will find interested people with a personal offer on home savings.

Bauspar contracts have been part of many savers for decades for an integral part of the financing of their own home. With this they regularly pay money into a savings account for an agreed period of time. After expiration of the contract, they can pay off the saved money, including interest, and in addition receive a loan with low interest rates to fulfill their dream of owning their own home.

In addition to the classic variant of saving for the home, there are now various options in the home savings contract , which are better or worse depending on the personal living conditions of the saver. In a new Bausparkassen Test, Focus-Money (51/2017) has examined which financial institutions offer homebuilders the best financing in 2018, depending on their wishes.

New test: These building societies score with classic home savings contracts

On behalf of Focus-Money, the Institut für Vermögensaufbau has examined the mortgage financing offers for seven companies. The testers took a close look at the sample cases of classic, flexible and interest-free building savings . In all three cases, there are serious differences between the respective providers in the Bausparkassen Test. In 2018, interested parties should therefore not only rely on a building society, but also consider other providers.

The first test case was based on the fact that a saver spares money for a real estate purchase of 350,000 euros for seven years. He finances this on the one hand on the loan from the Bauspar contract and an additional mortgage loan. Convincing were in the test, the offers that allow in the shortest time, a complete financing of the apartment including the repayment of all loans. These three building societies score with the lowest total costs for real estate financing:

  • Signal Iduna – “FREspace F45”
  • Old Leipzig – “AL Baufinanz 2.5”
  • BHW Bausparkasse – “WohnBausparen Plus”

In contrast, the classic Bauspar for the model case in the Debeka (“BS4”) is more expensive in some cases more than 6,000 euros.

Service: As the test shows, home builders can also save thousands of euros in 2018, if they choose a cheap mortgage lending. With an individual offer savers find exactly the Bauspar contract, which fits best to their personal wishes.

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Flexible Bauspar contracts: New building societies test finds top offers

The flexible building savings is characterized by the fact that the model customer also considers the purchase of an apartment for 350,000 euros. However, the acquisition is only planned in ten years and also not sure yet. Thus, at the end of the Ansparphase also a payment of the paid-in sum with a waiver of the associated loan possible.

A good Bauspar contract offers savers in this case therefore for both variants a convincing offer. The winner of the test is the Signal Iduna, as is the case with the traditional building society, followed by the BHW Bausparkasse.

Bausparkassen Test: Where do savers get the longest possible rate of interest?

In the third model case, the customer attaches importance to a long interest rate commitment. For the purchase of real estate of 350,000 euros, he contributes 100,000 euros of equity. For the remaining sum of 250,000 euros, he gets a loan, which he wants to repay using a home savings contract as cheaply as possible. The interest on the loan should remain unchanged until the financing is completed.

The lowest total cost must carry customers at the Alte Leipziger. Here it costs the loan of 250,000 euros with interest around 284,698 euros. At the most expensive institute, Wüstenrot (“Wohnsparen D / P Premium 1.25”), it is just under 10,000 euros more.

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